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  • If you have been diagnosed with IBS you are not alone – it is very common with approximately 11% of the population experiencing symptoms. Symptoms can be varied, but usually include issues with bowel movements, bloating, wind and abdominal pain… Read more
    Sun, 07/05/2023
  • Have you ever wondered what the difference is between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Both involve raised levels of glucose, or sugar, in the blood which if untreated can result in symptoms such as excessive thirst and urination, increased appetite,… Read more
    Sun, 14/11/2021
  • Microbiome is the term used to refer to the collection of bacteria (and viruses and fungi) which live in and on our bodies (our microbiota), and their genes. Conversationally it is often used interchangeably with microbiota. Microbes are found… Read more
    Fri, 28/04/2023
  • Is it a good idea to include more carbs in our diets? – If its resistant starch it may well be… When we talk about carbohydrates, we are often referring to foods high in starch (although non-starchy fruit and vegetables are carbohydrates too).… Read more
    Wed, 18/05/2022
  • While it may be helpful to think of coeliac disease as an allergy to gluten since it reinforces the need to strictly avoid it, coeliac is actually an autoimmune disease. This means that antibodies are produced which attack certain tissues in the… Read more
    Fri, 28/04/2023
  • We have all heard of a gluten free diet but is it bad for you? People who suffer from coeliac disease (an autoimmune disease) must eat a strictly gluten free diet in order to control their condition, as do those with dermatitis herpetiformis,… Read more
    Fri, 28/04/2023